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Health. Harmony. Service.

Par Excellence Academy is a tuition-free, Public Charter School located in Newark, Ohio offering an inspiring educational environment built on the principles of healthy, harmony, and service for families of elementary students.

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At Par Excellence, we strive to be a school where Learning Is Fun Everyday and our teachers are always coming up with creative ways to help our students learn and grow! View some photos from all the fun ways we learn.

State Testing Info

The teachers and staff have been working very hard this year to prepare your child for this assessment. We feel the students are ready to do an excellent job! Please see the schedule for the Ohio State’s tests below!

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Par Excellence Academy offers an environment that is designed to meet the child's whole needs by servicing the family unit. We look at each child and family individually and aspire to foster well-being and good living as the students learn and mature, guided by a school team who guides them to live a life of Health, Harmony and Service!


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Interested in giving your child a bright future? Do so by enrolling them in Par Excellence Academy. We currently have openings for new students and hope we can be apart of your families educational journey!


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Par Excellence Academy is a FREE educational option for your child. We have an open enrollment policy and accept student applications for Kindergarten through 5th Grade all year around. Apply Now!


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All potential students wishing to enroll in Par Excellence Academy Charter School must complete a an application.

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The environment at Par Excellence Academy is designed to foster well-being and good living as the students learn and mature, guided by a school team who stimulates their intellectual curiosity. Working in class, playing at recess, serving on committees, enjoying the school life—every experience helps them develop the tools they need for success in life.