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Par Excellence Academy
Par Excellence Academy

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Saturday, August 10th

Rainbow Reading Rewards 

The Par Excellence PTO is heavily involved in reading incentives for students.  Each month, students that turn in 80-100% of their read and respond assignments receive various prizes.  They've had bounce house parties, a reptile expert visit, and many more fun activities to celebrate the students' dedication to literacy.  If you are interested in participating in or supporting a monthly reading reward, please reach out to Cindy Quinn.  

In addition to the monthly rainbow reading rewards, the PTO created a lending library at the school.  Students are able to borrow books at any time, so they will always have access to level-appropriate reading material.

Feel free to contact Cindy Quinn at cindyrquinn@gmail.com for more information about the PTO!

PTO President- Cindy Quinn
PTO Secretary- Deborah Price
PTO Treasurer- Jackie Williams