E2 After School Student Form

Fill out the form from the above link if you would like your child to stay at school from 11:30-3:00 in the E2 After School STEAM Program. You can email your completed form or questions to ohill@laca.org or send it in with your child.

The School Lunch Application needs to be filled out by all Par Excellence Academy families. This application is due by Thursday, Oct.15, 2020. You can email your completed form to ohill@laca.org. If you have questions or need a printed copy please contact Ms. Hill.

School Lunch Application

Par Parent Teacher Organization

Rainbow Reading Rewards 

The Par Excellence PTO is heavily involved in reading incentives for students.  Each month, students that turn in 80-100% of their read and respond assignments receive various prizes.  They've had bounce house parties, a reptile expert visit, and many more fun activities to celebrate the students' dedication to literacy.  If you are interested in participating in or supporting a monthly reading reward, please reach out to Par Excellence Academy. 

In addition to the monthly rainbow reading rewards, the PTO created a lending library at the school.  Students are able to borrow books at any time, so they will always have access to level-appropriate reading material.