5 Reasons Why Charter Schools Are Great!

Why Par Excellence Academy Is A Great Choice For Your Child's Education!

We believe that every parent should have a choice in their child's education and future. Charter schools put this back in the hands of the people who care the most. At Par Excellence Academy we hope that you will give us a chance and discover that we are a Great Choice for your family and  your student. Below are 5 reasons why we think Charter Schools are great!

1. Choice education! 

You have a choice in where your student receives an education. Charter schools provides parents with an educational option for parents who are looking for something different in the approach to their child’s education.

Some parents want their children to receive a unique learning approach that is provided and others have students who struggle in traditional educational environments and have found that a “One Size Fits All” approach is "old school" thinking. We recognize that students all have different needs and education must be able to meet the new challenges of learning.

There are more single parent families than ever before and therefore students need more of a family environment in school to adjust to social emotional situations. Charter schools give parents a choice when students struggle in larger traditional schools. Charter schools can provide a focused environment for students who need more hands-on engagement.

2. Academic tailoring for the specific needs! 

Charter Schools can offer different ways to learn for students who may needs extra help or intense help due to personal, physical or emotional challenges. For example, a student may struggle with anxiety and need a smaller, less populated space to learn and at a charter school/Par Excellence Academy that can be accomplished via online or one on one. Some students thrive in environments that offer daily physical education, science or reading at Par Excellence Academy charter school, parents can have that choice as to where their child will succeed.

3. Direct Access to School staff and Administration!

Because charter schools are chosen by parents there is an obligation and commitment to serve families and be available to meet and discuss any, and all topics with parents. Charter School are designed to respect and include families in the day to day functions of the school. At Par Excellence Academy meetings with the Principal or teachers can be done as needed making our charter school user friendly.

4. Smaller class sizes so there is more one-on-one attention!

Charter Schools have smaller, more manageable class sizes. These classes normally range under 20, which allows us to provide individual attention and focus to each student. Every student gets the attention they deserve and need to be academically successful. Also, teacher relationships with families are substantial and meaningful as teachers have time to really get to know students in a nurturing manner.

5. More flexibility in academic achievement!

Charter Schools can choose curriculums as needed without going through time consuming protocols which means students have different materials based on their skill and abilities. Academic potential can be fully expressed without limitations of traditional public school red tape. At Par Excellence Academy one of the unique approaches we have to education is through our Award-Winning Success For All Reading Program,(http://www.successforall.org) which puts a value on our students reading every day and are built around cooperative frameworks, with lessons enriched and made fun with multimedia, puppet schools and videos.