Gisele James:  Superintendent  Email:  Phone: 740-344-7279

Gisele James: Superintendent


Phone: 740-344-7279

With over 20 years’ experience in education, Gisele James issues collaborative, creative direction from a professional foundation that draws from both public and private sectors. Ms. James initially applied her skills as a corporate/police trainer, increasing workforce productivity by addressing a broad range of issues including community policing, conflict resolution, hate crimes recognition and prevention, and human diversity. Ms. James holds a Master’s degree in education from Ashland University.

Following the birth of her own child, Ms. James bridged her corporate training expertise toward education. She found her passion in identifying and addressing the issues of struggling learners. As an educator and administrator, Ms. James believes that all students are divinely gifted in some area and that educators can provide vital tools to nurture, inspire and, ultimately, bring out their inner genius. She remains a lifelong learner with a passion for producing creative and stimulating learning environments. Ms. James enjoys working with teachers to help them reach their goals and continually looks forward to bringing her love for education and desire to help all students achieve at Par Excellence Academy.