The mission of Par Excellence Academy is to provide a values-based education with oppurtunities for excellence to all children regardless of socioeconomic, race, creed, color, or ethnic backgrounds. As an Academy, we strive to educate and inspire young people from a very early age by offering innovative and challenging educational programs and academic initiatives to assist both child and parent


Par Excellence is changing lives

Par Excellence Academy strives to enhance your student’s life by reinforcing strong family involvement, rigorous academic standards, health, wellness and personal/social responsibility. Our goal is to give student the tools and support needed to become well-rounded, productive members of the community.



In 1988 Par Excellence Leaning Center, a non-denominational non-profit private schoo,l was founded by Reverend and Mrs. Dr. Charles Noble of Newark, Ohio. Their vision and mission was to establish an academic center of excellence designed to nurture students and aid in breaking the cyclical effects of low self-esteem, academic underachievement and provide motivation that will encourage them to be achievers and believe in themselves.


In May 2005, Par Excellence Leaning Center was granted the opportunity to become a community school in hopes to reach more students and their families in Newark, Ohio and surrounding areas. The school is now called Par Excellence Academy.


In 2016, Par Excellence Academy moved to a, brand new, state-of-the art campus that will provide an engaging learning environment for families in the community .


How would an ideal family school look?


In 1988, President George Bush requested Dr. Noble to participate in a series discussion targeted to develop a better America.  From these discussions, Dr. Noble formed a vision of a school that would holistically through education, beginning with pre-school and continuing through the elementary school years, promoting excellence in living, loving, and learning. This vision began with just a few students and a few supporters at Shiloh Baptist Church in Newark, Ohio. The Par Excellence Learning Center opened under the guidance of Mrs. Nora Noble as Principal in [year]. She and her team performed a variety of direct-service initiatives for students and families, from offering breakfast to providing cooking classes The Learning Center converted to a state-chartered public community school and became Par Excellence Academy in 2005, under the sponsorship of Newark City Schools.

Par Excellence Academy, a non-profit community school sponsored by ODE. As of the Academic year 2018-2019, Par Excellence serves grades kindergarten through sixth grade.  Par Excellence Academy provides a values-based education and opportunities for academic excellence to all children regardless of socioeconomic, race, creed, color, or ethnic backgrounds


Reading is Believing

Par Excellence Academy is at the top of the Educational rating system in Licking County and beyond. We know that children who read well possess a lifelong academic advantage. For this, Par Excellence provides a learning curriculum that makes reading fun and rewarding for its students. Par Excellence Academy is #1 in Licking County for the third-grade reading scores.  In the 2013-2014 school year, out of 1,347 public and community elementary schools, Par Excellence Academy was one of four schools in the state of Ohio to receive 100% on the third grade Ohio Achievement Assessment, (OAA) in reading.

Because of our existing grades K-5 SFA curriculum, our students have made substantial gains in reading growth.  This program is used by every teacher for every student.  Because our intent is to be mindful with every aspect of financial and instructional accountability, the grades K-5 SFA reading program demonstrates our emphasis on maximizing resources.

What is a Charter School?


A charter school is a public school of choice designed to offer an innovative or alternative approach to education. Charter schools are established under a charter, authorized by a local school district or the Ohio Department of Education. The “charter” outlines the metrics a charter school is required to meet including its mission, educational approach, student achievement performance goals and financial accountability metrics. Charter schools are given greater flexibility in the operation of their schools, but unlike traditional public schools, they are assessed annually to determine if they are successfully meeting the requirements of their charter in order to ensure the continued operation of the school.

Charter schools are governed by a Board of Directors which is responsible for the policy and financial oversight of the school.

How are Charter Schools funded?

Charter schools receive the same state and federal dollars that district schools receive. This funding is determined by Ohio Legislature. However, public charter schools do not receive any property tax, bond or levy funding. As a result of this most charter schools fundraise to make up the gap in funding.