Admissions – Enrollment Information


Par Excellence Academy is a public charter school open to any student regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, social or economic status and/or special needs. Each year Par Excellence has openings for new students in Kindergarten - 6th Grade. We would love to have you join the Par Excellence Academy Family and hope you will consider us the best option for your child's future and education.

Is Par Excellence the Right Choice for My Child?

This question can best be answered by understanding your own child’s learning tendencies and learning about our Holistic Educational approach of Health, Harmony and Service. You know your child best—learning style, temperament, social and emotional development, use that information as you peruse our web links for resources to read, watch, and enjoy.  Of course, the best way to understand Par Excellence Academy is to observe a working Par Excellence classroom.  Please give us a call to see for yourself the stimulating buzz of joyful scholars!  

Par Excellence Academy is unique from other schools and is the first of its kind. The concept is simple; we attempt to meet the child’s whole needs by servicing the family unit. With great anticipation and success it is hoped that this school and concept would be used as a model for other schools throughout the nation. In addition to providing education to the children in the family, we also look at each family individually. By assessing their needs, we can locate and provide services that can help families handle the financial and parenting burdens of today.