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Par Excellence Academy
Par Excellence Academy


At Par Excellence Academy, we believe in L.I.F.E.:

Learning Is Fun Everyday!


We believe that literacy is the foundation of academic success. Our nationally-awarded reading curriculum, Success for All (SFA), is designed to ensure students thrive in their access to literacy education. Every student in the school works on SFA for 90 minutes at the beginning of the day and is grouped according to ability not age, so they receive appropriately leveled instruction. Students are assessed quarterly with specific data benchmarks to assist teachers in targeting learning goals so every child receives individualized academic support.

"Success For All is an amazing program!  Using SFA in the classroom has allowed me to see children gain confidence and momentum in their reading skills. They are able to create well thought-out responses and verbalize them in a supportive atmosphere.  Par Ex students are able to obtain the skills they need to work cohesively in their groups and encourage others to do their best!"
AMBER SAMPSON 6th Grade English Lanuage Teacher


(Science Technology Engineering Art Math)

Our scientific scholars study agricultural principles through both a large outdoor garden, sponsored by the Licking County Health Department, and  aeroponic tower gardens in their classrooms.

Each student is issued an iPad to use during designated instructional time on our award-winning math program,(https://www.stmath.com) and to learn to code sphero robots. The Kindergarten class spends time programing their Dash robot throughout the year.

Students have the opportunity to learn software to develop their own creations on the 3-D printer and are encouraged to brainstorm ideas to use our technology beyond the classroom.

While Par Excellence is invested in integrating technology and science throughout the school, we firmly believe in the benefits of the arts for our students. We encourage art integration within classroom learning. For example, while doing their butterfly journals in the Spring, kindergarteners are taught the process of scientific observation as they study butterfly life cycles. During this process they participate in multiple hands-on art projects that engage their creative curiosity and makes their scientific inquiry tangible.